has a whole “thing” (I cannot think of the name right now)  dedicated to the North Korea Nuclear Tensions….  Nice.


NK is asking that its funds held in the Macau bank be released…

Japanese press is speculating that if the funds are released, that NK will follow through with an agreement to shit down nuclear reactors.  NK is asking that the funds be transferred to banks in Italy and Russia so that they can use the money.  The money has been cleared for withdrawl, but it has not been moved for some “unknown” reasons…

 Its funny though, as they want it in either American currency, or the Euro…  I see some western influence…  Oh no.

Iran is finally coming to terms.  It seems that a talk with a senior EU official has prompted the to take action and slow their nuclear enrichment program down.  They seem to be sharing a “united” view on this topic, and it appears to be working out for an adventageous situation.  Some are calling this an excellent first step in nuclear negotiations.  These new agreements seem to slow or even halt nuclear production on both sides.  Seems like a good idea…

The United States is pushing for a permanent dismantling of the nuclear programs, but it seems as if Iran is not willing to jump on board with that idea.  They are pushing that, as they are worried about what may have been developed in the past.

Stay tuned for updates….  But in the mean time, back to the Richardson essay.

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North Korea has gone about showing of its massive amounts of missiles by driving them down the street in a parade!

Ok, so its the 75th anniversary of the Korean’s Peoples Army, thats enough of a reason to show there of, right?  Anyways, NK showed off more than 40 short range missiles during this parade, and that could quite possibly be an alarm.  And then there is another threat to the United States…

“Our People’s Army will destroy and wipe out U.S. imperialists if they infringe upon our sovereignty and survival right even a bit,” Kim said, according to North Korean television footage seen in Seoul.

Anyways, many speculate that NK does not have a system capable of successfully delivering a nuclear warhead, but that it does have a system to build these warheads.  And NK is still waiting for moneys that was supposed to be released.  Hopefully they will get what they want, and they will be done….  Until then, DIPLOMACY!


Today, Sunday, The United States is urging North Korea to “willingly” allow international inspectors to search North Korea for Nuclear Weapons.  After Korea refused to shutdown a reactor from the Soviet Era, the United States is becoming more weary of the nuclear accumulations that North Korea has.  The Unites States and Korea made an agreement that they would shut down a reactor in exchange for the recovery of assets that the United States froze.  North Korea has not made god on this, and as a result, the United States is becoming weary.  The United States is awaiting North Korea to make good on this agreement before releasing the funds, and also releases the oil…


Well people, welcome to arms race 2.0….

 Iran is “planning” for its future by building a few new powerplants that are capable of producing 1000 megawatts.  Iran plans to build 50,000 new centrifuges that will be able to make a great deal of nuclear fuels for all sorts of purposes, including providing the fuel for these powerplants.  While Iran claims that these fuels will be used for industrial purposes, there is still the matter of nuclear weapons, and their desire to acquire them.  Ahmadinejad said that the progress made on building these powerplants is for peaceful and stability, and that this is a nonreversible step in the right direction.  While Iran has been under scrutiny for its want to acquire nuclear weapons, they insist that they are not violating any laws by creating this nuclear program….  But, we will eventaully find out what their true desire is.  Until then, its time to terrorize the streets of liberty city, in grand theft auto….


How do countries sue eachother for stuff like pollution and crimes of humanity?   If so, how are countires represented? 

Sorry, just read this all in the book, and is interesting!